Thursday, 26 April 2012

texto 2 show 21-4-2012 D. Icke

The Brotherhood’s obsession with ritual and symbolism is not the bizarre behaviour it
might at first seem to be. They are casting a spell on the human mind and emotions.
This has been going on for thousands of years and it is so important to understand this
if we are going to break free from reptilian control - as we are.
Everything that exists is an energy field, a unique vibrational pattern of energy
created by thought and emotion. All that exists is the same energy, but these infinite
patterns create infinite forms, just as water can manifest as liquid, clouds, steam and
ice. They look and feel very different, but they are still water in different forms. Some
energy patterns manifest as the human body, others the human mind, still others the
birds, trees, insects, water, sky and air. At the level of pure energy everything is
connec-ted to everything else. There is no us and them, only we and ultimately ‘I’.
Potentially we have the ability to access all other energy and, as energy and consciousness
are the same, the ability to access all consciousness, the infinite mind we call
‘God’. This ‘God’ is not apart from us, it is us and we are it. We are an aspect of the
infinite mind - as are the reptilians and all that exists - and therefore we have the
potential to tap into all of the infinite mind because, at our highest expression, that is
what we all are. Everything. We are like droplets in an infinite ocean, individual to an
extent, but toget-her we make the whole, the sum total of droplets. Without the
droplets there can be no ocean. The question, however, is this: How much of this ocean
are we connecting with? If it is a tiny fraction you will live in a cocoon, an egg shell as
I call it, delinked from your infinite potential for knowledge, love, understanding and
wisdom (see Figure 54). You will live a predictable life dominated by worry and fear
and believe that you are ordinary and powerless to control your own destiny. If you
open your mind and open your heart and break out of that cocoon you connect with
more and more of infinity and, in doing so, you understand that you are more than a
physical body experiencing one meaningless lifetime. You are infinite consciousness
experien-cing this world as part of your eternal journey of evolution through
experience (see Figure 55). You are everything and you have the potential to know
everything and do everything.
David Icke - The Biggest Secret

Texto 1 - show 21-4-2012 .David Icke

And yet, it doesn’t have to be like this. The real power is with the many, not the few.
Indeed infinite power is within every individual. The reason we are so controlled is not
that we don’t have the power to decide our own destiny, it is that we give that power
away every minute of our lives. When something happens that we don’t like, we look
for someone else to blame. When there is a problem in the world, we say “What are
they going to do about it”. At which point they, who have secretly created the problem
in the first place, respond to this demand by introducing a ‘solution’ - more
centralisation of power and erosion of freedom. If you want to give more powers to the
police, security agencies and military, and you want the public to demand you do it,
then ensure there is more crime, violence and terrorism, and then it’s a cinch to achieve
your aims. Once the people are in fear of being burgled, mugged or bombed, they will
demand that you take their freedom away to protect them from what they have been
manipulated to fear. The Oklahoma bombing is a classic of this kind, as I detail in ..
And The Truth Shall Set You Free. I call this technique problem-reaction-solution.
Create the problem, encourage the reaction “something must be done”, and then offer
the solution. It is summed up by the Freemason motto ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ - order out of
chaos. Create the chaos and then offer the way to restore order. Your order.
The masses are herded and directed by many and various forms of emotional and
mental control. It is the only way it could be done. The few can’t control billions of
people physically, just as farm animals cannot be controlled physically unless a large
number of people are involved. Two pigs escaped from a slaughterhouse in England
and eluded capture for so long, despite the efforts of many people to catch them, that
they became national celebrities. Physical control of the global population cannot
work. But it is not necessary when you can manipulate the way people think and feel to
the point where they ‘decide’ to do what you want them to do anyway and demand that
you introduce laws that you want to introduce. It is an old, old adage that if you want
someone to do something, get them to believe it is their idea.’ Humanity is mind
controlled and only slightly more conscious than your average zombie. Far fetched?
No, no.1 define mind control as the manipulation of someone’s mind so that they think,
and therefore act, the way you want them to. Under this definition, the question is not
how many people are mind controlled, but how few are not. Everyone is to a larger or
lesser extent. When you are persuaded by advertising or hype to buy something you
don’t really need or want, you are being mind controlled. When you read or hear a
slanted news story and allow it to affect your perception of a person or event, you are
being mind controlled. Look at the training for the armed forces. It is pure mind
control. From day one you are told to take orders without question and if some berk in
a peaked cap tells you to shoot people you have never met and know nothing about,
you must shoot without question. This is the “Yes sir!” mentality and it pervades the
non-military world, also. “Well, I know it’s not right, but the boss told me to do it and I
had no choice.” No choice? We never have no choice. We have choices we would like
to make and choices we would rather less like to make. But we never have no choice.
To say so is another cop out.
The list of mind manipulating techniques is endless. They want your mind because
when they have that, they have you.
David Icke - The Biggest secret

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Textos programa 7-04-2012 - David Icke - Human race get off your knees

These collective behaviour patterns of conflict, division, competition and emotional
reaction are being fed to us by the Moon Matrix through the reptilian brain and it is
crucial that we disconnect from its influence. To break the control of the hive mind we
need to do what the hive mind is programmed to stop us doing. We can override the
system by collectively refusing to do what the hive mind wants us to do. In doing so,
we disconnect vibrationally from the hive-mind frequency. Firstly, we need to bring an
end to emotional reaction and start to calmly assess before jumping in. Counting to ten,
or more, before responding emotionally to a situation is very powerful in switching off
from the reptilian brain and the hive mind. The mass manipulation technique that I call
Problem-Reaction-Solution is only possible because people react instead of taking time
to check, research and consider. This emotional reaction comes from the 'R-complex' or
reptilian brain, the centre of our survival reactions and 'primitive emotional responses'
that connect us to the Moon Matrix hive mind by tuning us in to its frequency range.
The hive mind does not want us to be peaceful, so we should be; it does not want us to
be kind, so we should be; it does not want us to think of others, so we should do; it does
not want us to have empathy with the consequences for others of our actions, so we
should have; it does not want us to cooperate instead of compete, so we should do; it
does not want the lion to lay down with the lamb (all expressions of life living in peace
and harmony), and so the lion must do; it does not want us to do what is right, only
what we think is right for me, me, me, and so we must do what we know to be right
and fair in all circumstances, Not only would all this break us out of the program and
the Reptilian hive mind, it would make this reality a lovely place to live and experience,
which is the last thing the Reptilians want because of the energetic and control
consequences this has for them. We want a world of peace? Oka~ be peaceful. We want
a world of kindness? No problem, be kind. It's not that simple? Oh, yes, it is,

Textos programa 7-04-2012

COLABORACIÓN DE LAS COSAS de Macedonio Fernandez
Empieza una discusión cualquiera en una casa cualquiera pues llega un
esposo cualquiera y busca la sartén ya que él es quien sabe hacer las
comidas de sartén y ésta no aparece. Crece la discusión; llegan parientes.
Se oye un ruido. Sigue la discusión. Se busca una segunda sartén que acaso
existió alguna vez. El ruido aumenta. Tac, tac, tac. No se concluye de
esclarecer qué ha pasado con la sartén, que además no era vieja; se
escuchan imputaciones recíprocas, se intercambian hipótesis; se examinan
rincones de la cocina por donde no suele andar la escoba. Tac, tac, tac. Al
fin, se aclara el misterio: lo que venía cayendo escalón por escalón era la
sartén. Ahora sólo falta la explicación del misterio: el niño, de cinco
años, la había llevado hasta la azotea, sin pensar que correspondiera
restituirla a la cocina; al alejarse por ser llamado de pronto por la
madre, después de haber estado sentado en el primer escalón de la escalera,
la sartén quedó allí. Cuando trascendió el clima agrio de la discusión
conyugal, la sartén para hacer quedar bien al niño, culpable de todo el
ingrato episodio, se desliza escalones abajo y su insólita presencia a la
entrada de la cocina calma la discordia.
 Nadie supo que no fue la casualidad, sino la sartén. Y si es verdad
que puede haberle costado poco por haber sido dejada muy al borde del
escalón, no debe menospreciarse su mérito

Textos programa 7-04-2012

Undine de Abelardo Castillo
La sirenita viene a visitarme de vez en cuando. Me cuenta historias que cree inventar, sin saber que son recuerdos. Sé que es una sirena, aunque camina sobre dos piernas. Lo sé porque dentro de sus ojos hay un camino de dunas que conduce al mar. Ella no sabe que es una sirena, cosa que me divierte bastante. Cuando ella habla yo simulo escucharla con atención pero, al mínimo descuido, me voy por el camino de las dunas, entro en el agua y llego a un pueblo sumergido donde hay una casa, donde también está ella, sólo que con escamada cola de oro y una diadema de pequeñas flo­res marinas en el pelo. Sé que mucha gente se ha preguntado cuál es la edad real de las sirenas, si es lícito llamarlas monstruos, en qué lugar de su cuerpo termina la mujer y empieza el pez, cómo es eso de la cola. Sólo diré que las cosas no son exactamente como cuenta la tradición y que mis encuentros con la sirena, allá en el mar, no son del todo inocentes. La de acá, naturalmente, ignora todo esto. Me trata con respeto, como corresponde hacerlo con los escritores de cierta edad. Me pide consejos, libros, cuenta historias de balan­dras y prepara licuados de zanahoria y jugo de tomate. La otra está un poco más cerca del animal. Grita cuando hace el amor. Come pe­queños pulpos, anémonas de mar y pececitos crudos. No le impor­ta en absoluto la literatura. Las dos, en el fondo, sospechan que en ellas hay algo raro. No sé si debo decirles cómo son las cosas.