Thursday, 26 April 2012

texto 2 show 21-4-2012 D. Icke

The Brotherhood’s obsession with ritual and symbolism is not the bizarre behaviour it
might at first seem to be. They are casting a spell on the human mind and emotions.
This has been going on for thousands of years and it is so important to understand this
if we are going to break free from reptilian control - as we are.
Everything that exists is an energy field, a unique vibrational pattern of energy
created by thought and emotion. All that exists is the same energy, but these infinite
patterns create infinite forms, just as water can manifest as liquid, clouds, steam and
ice. They look and feel very different, but they are still water in different forms. Some
energy patterns manifest as the human body, others the human mind, still others the
birds, trees, insects, water, sky and air. At the level of pure energy everything is
connec-ted to everything else. There is no us and them, only we and ultimately ‘I’.
Potentially we have the ability to access all other energy and, as energy and consciousness
are the same, the ability to access all consciousness, the infinite mind we call
‘God’. This ‘God’ is not apart from us, it is us and we are it. We are an aspect of the
infinite mind - as are the reptilians and all that exists - and therefore we have the
potential to tap into all of the infinite mind because, at our highest expression, that is
what we all are. Everything. We are like droplets in an infinite ocean, individual to an
extent, but toget-her we make the whole, the sum total of droplets. Without the
droplets there can be no ocean. The question, however, is this: How much of this ocean
are we connecting with? If it is a tiny fraction you will live in a cocoon, an egg shell as
I call it, delinked from your infinite potential for knowledge, love, understanding and
wisdom (see Figure 54). You will live a predictable life dominated by worry and fear
and believe that you are ordinary and powerless to control your own destiny. If you
open your mind and open your heart and break out of that cocoon you connect with
more and more of infinity and, in doing so, you understand that you are more than a
physical body experiencing one meaningless lifetime. You are infinite consciousness
experien-cing this world as part of your eternal journey of evolution through
experience (see Figure 55). You are everything and you have the potential to know
everything and do everything.
David Icke - The Biggest Secret

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