Sunday, 8 April 2012

Textos programa 7-04-2012 - David Icke - Human race get off your knees

These collective behaviour patterns of conflict, division, competition and emotional
reaction are being fed to us by the Moon Matrix through the reptilian brain and it is
crucial that we disconnect from its influence. To break the control of the hive mind we
need to do what the hive mind is programmed to stop us doing. We can override the
system by collectively refusing to do what the hive mind wants us to do. In doing so,
we disconnect vibrationally from the hive-mind frequency. Firstly, we need to bring an
end to emotional reaction and start to calmly assess before jumping in. Counting to ten,
or more, before responding emotionally to a situation is very powerful in switching off
from the reptilian brain and the hive mind. The mass manipulation technique that I call
Problem-Reaction-Solution is only possible because people react instead of taking time
to check, research and consider. This emotional reaction comes from the 'R-complex' or
reptilian brain, the centre of our survival reactions and 'primitive emotional responses'
that connect us to the Moon Matrix hive mind by tuning us in to its frequency range.
The hive mind does not want us to be peaceful, so we should be; it does not want us to
be kind, so we should be; it does not want us to think of others, so we should do; it does
not want us to have empathy with the consequences for others of our actions, so we
should have; it does not want us to cooperate instead of compete, so we should do; it
does not want the lion to lay down with the lamb (all expressions of life living in peace
and harmony), and so the lion must do; it does not want us to do what is right, only
what we think is right for me, me, me, and so we must do what we know to be right
and fair in all circumstances, Not only would all this break us out of the program and
the Reptilian hive mind, it would make this reality a lovely place to live and experience,
which is the last thing the Reptilians want because of the energetic and control
consequences this has for them. We want a world of peace? Oka~ be peaceful. We want
a world of kindness? No problem, be kind. It's not that simple? Oh, yes, it is,

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