Thursday, 29 March 2012

Texto original de David Icke - Programa 02

The power structure wants us to believe that we are merely bodies being
shuffled from a cradle to a grave and what happens on the conveyor belt in
between is called 'life'. In mainstream society we are given the choice of believing
that at the end of this life we either cease to exist, or we become subject to some
dictatorial God who loves us so much he is quite prepared to send us into the fires
of hell if we don't bow the head and bend the knee. I rejected both choices from an
early age. They seemed equally ridiculous to me and it was only after my journey
consciously began after 1990 that I found answers that made sense. I realised - or
remembered, more like - that what we call Creation is made up of infinite frequencies
and dimensions all sharing the same space. They are like the radio and television
stations broadcasting to where you are now. They are 'around' you and inside your
body, but they are not consciously interfering with you or each other because they
are on different frequencies. Only when the frequencies are very close on the dial do
we have interference. If you tune to Radio A that is what you will hear. You don't
hear the others because you are not tuned to their frequencies, but they still exist
and other people will be listening to them. When you move your dial from Radio A
to Radio B, you are now hearing Radio B, of course, but Radio A doesn't disappear
when you move the dial. It goes on broadcasting - existing - it's just that you can't
hear it any more. These simple principles describe the nature of existence in our
reality and other connected dimensions. These different 'worlds' can share the same
space because they are resonating at different frequencies.

The Illuminati power structure wants the population to perceive only the
world of the five senses, and our societies are almost entirely aimed at entrancing
the senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. People are so much easier to
deceive and control when they are detached from higher sources of information,
intuition and inspiration. This was the motivation behind the creation of the 'this
world is all there is' version of 'science', the one that dominates the schools and
universities to this day. The major religions are also used to defend the walls of
this reality by labelling those who communicate with other dimensions as
servants of the Devil. Hundreds of thousands were killed during the Inquisition
alone for having inter-dimensional gifts. When you say you are 'hearing voices' or
seeing spirit visions' they condemn or ridicule you; but when you say the
Christian 'God' is on the line or you have seen a vision of 'Mother Mary', they
want to build you a shrine. The difference is that one challenges the belief system,
while the other sells it.

Animals don't experience this shut-down process, watch television or go to
school and university, and they retain their ability to see beyond the frequency
range of human sight. You often see cats reacting to what appears to be 'empty
space'. 'What's wrong with the cat?' people ask. Nothing is 'wrong'. The cat is just
seeing something you can't see in a frequency range beyond your five senses. You
must have heard stories over the years of dogs and cats that wouldn't enter a
house or room that was said to be haunted. The people involved don't see or feel
anything, but the animals do because they are using the natural sensitivities that
society has closed down in so many humans. 

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