Thursday, 29 March 2012

Texto original en Inglés de David Icke , leído y traducido en programa 02

Texto original en Inglés de David Icke , leído y traducido en programa 02

I have written in other books about what I call emotional addiction when people
require a constant fix of an emotion, be it anger, depression or 'love'. One main
reason for this is the addiction to the chemicals secreted by the
hypothalamus/DNA network when emotions are felt. In the words of the Robert
Palmer song, for example, people can be 'addicted to love'. As with all addictions,
there can be a need to constantly increase the dose to get the same effect and
humans are subconsciously creating situations in their lives to give them the
emotional fix. Such people will create circumstances in which they can get angry,
worry or become depressed, while others will jump from partner to partner saying,
'I fall in love so easily'. They are addicted to the melodrama because they are
addicted to the chemical fix it supplies. Dr Candice Pert, author of Molecules of
Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine (Scribner Book Company, 1999),
said: 'At any instant our body is in our mind and our mind is in our body'. This is
because mind and body - and emotions - are expressions of the same DNA. What
we call 'personality' (mind and emotions) is a DNA program and we have been
kidded to believe that this is who we are. When we ride a horse we don't believe
that we are the horse, do we? But with the body, and its mind and emotions, we do

Unless we operate from a level of awareness beyond emotional reaction, the
Matrix will continue to construct our reality.

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